French designer Yoann Jacquon (born in 1989) lives and works in Lyon. He graduated from two prestigious French industrial design schools - L'Ecole Supérieure d'Art et de Design in Saint-Etienne and L'Ecole Supérieure d'Art et de Design in Orleans. In 2014, he founded his own multidisciplinary design studio + Artefact. His area of ​​professional interest is extremely wide, both products and space, from sport to furniture and from projects in the field of science to everyday objects.

"I'm interested in the cultural and technical aspects of human coexistence with nature and how design can be a kind of" mediator "between these two worlds," says Yoann Jacquon. - I believe that just as the use of tools since the Stone Age was what made us human, so now it is our duty to design things that we as people need tomorrow, with passion and mindfulness, but also with a deep sense of responsibility for the world.

Believing that innovation and sustainable development must go hand in hand, + Artefact designs relevant and meaningful products that meet today's needs, created for future generations and the world in which they will live. Yoann Jacquon presented his projects at many French and international exhibitions. He designed for many well-known brands, including Ligne Roset, Lexon, Quartus and Opendesk.

Yoann Jacquon is also a lecturer in design at Condé School in Lyon.

On December 5, Yoann Jacquon will be a special guest of the Good Design Forum, an event organized at the Praga Koneser Center in Warsaw by the magazine Dobra Mieszkaj and the portal Dobrzemieszkaj.pl. FDD 2019 is 60 speakers, including special special guests, over 20 discussions, lectures and presentations, an exhibition of designer products and services, and workshops for designers. During the Good Design Forum, there will also be an award gala in the 9th edition of the Good Design 2020 competition with a jury of 150 architects and interior designers.




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